There may well be times in your life when you feel lost or miserable, desperate for a change, or stuck and don't know why. Times when you have experienced trauma, bereavement, chronic ill health or relationship difficulties. Powerful feelings of sadness, worthlessness, self-hatred, emptiness, disconnection and inadequacy can impact on your relationships, your work and your sense of self. At times such as these, looking after your emotional and psychological health is even more important than usual. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find effective ways to support emotional and psychological well-being during difficult periods. 

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which involves a dialogue with a trained psychotherapist about issues which are affecting one’s emotional life or mental health. The aim of psychotherapy is to understand and to relieve the symptoms of psychological distress. Talking confidentially to a therapist may be the thing that can help you find a way forward. To move from despair towards hope. 

Psychotherapy allows individuals to deeply explore their past experiences, childhood relationships and the roots of what might currently be impacting them. The psychotherapeutic relationship enables the client to gain deep insights into unproductive behavioural and relational patterns that might be preventing them from enjoying fulfilling relationships and satisfying lives. It can be difficult to begin to truly know and accept oneself. Psychotherapy will assist with this process and support the individual throughout it.

Psychotherapy is intended to help people understand and make sense of their own experiences and the person that they are. By getting to know and accept your real self you have a better chance of having more realistic and satisfying relationships with others. Connecting with your feelings and patterns of behaviour, may also mean you avoid destructive and unhelpful relationships and ways of living as you move forward.

At mindline you will be helped to understand your behaviour and feelings, to find strategies for change and to create methods for enhancing psychological well being. Our focus is on more than just a short-term reduction of your symptoms or difficulties. We will work with you to support you to gain full access to your emotional systems, as well as the energy and direction they can give you. Our aim is to help people to gain a greater understanding of why they feel the way they do, and as a consequence manage their lives differently.