Life Coaching

People often choose life coaching to help them improve their work-life or life-life balance. Life coaching is about empowering others to achieve their goals and make changes in their lives in order to maximise their potential.

The life coaching process will support you in identifying what goals you really wish to achieve, what will motivate you to achieve each of your goals, the steps to achieving them, and who/what can assist you in succeeding. Life coaching concentrates on identifying personal strengths, areas for development and helps clients to plan positive steps towards success.

Some reasons why people attend life coaching are:

• returning to work after children start school or university
• achieving a healthy lifestyle
• juggling caring responsibilities
• working more or less hours
• de-cluttering or completing a project at home or work
• choosing a new career or relationship
• dealing positively with stress or issues at work
• making an opportunity out of redundancy
• planning successful retirement or downsizing