Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance (EA) is a confidential workplace service that employers pay for. It is often available to both employees and their families to help workers remain productive at work.

Work-life balance is important and organisations are looking at how they can support employees to achieve this while maintaining confidentiality and privacy. 

Organisations increasingly recognise that offering employees support can help ensure a happy, focused and motivated workforce.

Employee assistance support is available for:

  • Emotional distress and stress
  • Relationships and family issues
  • Legal concerns
  • Debt or other financial and tax concerns
  • Child care problems
  • Work and career queries
  • Health and well-being
  • Lifestyle issues

Our EA provides outside counsellors, resources, and referrals to assist employees and their family members. Any EA support received by employees or family members remains confidential. So while your employer pays for the service, they have no insight into an employee’s specific use of the service.