Addiction Counselling

There are several types of addiction:

  • substance addiction - relating to alcohol and drugs
  • process addiction - relating to gambling, shopping, exercise
  • eating disorders - relating to food

What they all have in common is a physical and psychological impact on our lives. Symptoms of addiction can include, panic attacks, anxiety, sleep disturbance, obsessive behaviours, work difficulties and relationship problems to name but a few.

At mindline we offer counselling for two forms of addiction - substance addiction and process addiction.

When attending addiction counselling a client will come to understand what the root of their addiction is and the thought process that drives the cycle of their addiction. Clients can gain greater self-awareness and understanding of what their triggers are and how best to work with them.

Addictions don’t just have a negative impact on the person engaging in the addictive behaviour. Families and friends can be profoundly affected also. Living with or loving a person suffering with an addiction can be emotionally and psychologically draining,

At mindline we offer counselling to individuals engaging in addiction related activity and also to their loved ones - helping them to understand and come to terms with what is happening not only to the addiction sufferer but to themselves also.