Identity Issues

Who am I and why does it matter? Can I be me or must I be like you? Will you love me for who I am?

These are some of the questions we struggle with throughout our lives. Within our families, at work, in society and of course within ourselves.

Identity is one of those words we attach to other words in our strange human way of seeking understanding, certainty or clarity within ourselves and in relationships with others. Sexual identity, professional identity, religious, cultural, social, political or family identity. The list is endless.

Phrases such as ‘finding myself’ and ‘identity crisis’ somehow infer that we are lost or stuck if we don’t know who we are or if we feel unacceptable to others. It seems that finding some certainty around our identity offers us a sense of confidence and security from which we can take up our space in the world and manage the challenges that life inevitably brings.

In counselling, we can support you in building a real sense of who you are. As you start to understand yourself better and to recognise those pesky tendencies or patterns that cause problems, you can take charge of your life and begin setting goals, practicing new skills and making active, involved choices about the path you want your life to take.