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Mindline Counselling Psychotherapy and Career & Life Coaching

Sometimes we all need help overcoming life's obstacles and challenges. Talking to family or friends is often just not enough. At mindline you can speak with a qualified professional therapist who is experienced in dealing with the various difficulties that affect us all in life.

Talking to a therapist can often provide the support that you need. At mindline we offer a confidential and safe environment where you can talk about any of the difficulties and challenges you are experiencing. A range of therapies are offered to address these challenges.

With your therapist you can work on all aspects of life including: future career goals, relationship difficulties, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, seeking support during times when you're feeling down or perhaps just focusing on making small changes to improve your work/life balance.

Your life, mental health and future well-being are all important. At mindline we value the uniqueness of every individual, honour the experiences of our clients lives and strive to work with each individual in creating a brighter future.